Advertisers Leap – Into What?

Finally it appears that some type of sanity is starting to leave the ranks from the Advertising fraternity!

Believe it or not a voice compared to the Publicis Groupe chairman has pricked the hype-fuelled excitement of internet advertising.

Facebook is really a three-and-a-half years old social networking site that provides people a means of contacting their buddies online.

Lately Microsoft beat Google to purchase a little stake within the firm, valuing it at $15 billion, greater than two times around British Airways!

For many the offer signifies coming back of irrational exuberance – an exuberance that ended once the dotcom bubble burst in 2000.

Furthermore among the worlds leading “Communications” experts, Craig Diller, stated from the $15 bn valuation of Facebook implied by Microsoft’s $240 million minority purchase of the website, “If it is real cash it’s insane”.

“Allow them to sell another 99% for $14.8 bn and I’ll accept is as true.Inch

Regarding News Corp’s MySpace, Diller ignored websites like these as fashionable “flavours”, observing that “The blossom is certainly from the MySpace rose”!

Furthermore Publicis Groupe Chairman stated “The social networks have been successful in attracting massive audiences, the little bit of money it can make has run out of kilter using its usage.”

He added, more ominously for that Advertising Industry, “I don’t know we have found the proper way of contacting that audience”!

Obviously they haven’t, first of all Advertising Agencies do not understand the actual concept of the term “communication” plus they, along with the new digital upstarts, don’t realize the real concept of the term “interaction”. The emerging interactive technology is just facilitators. With no true knowledge of communication and human conduct all Clients is going to be asked to do is pour much more money lower the black hole of promoting communication!

However back to the current, the advertising world seems to disregard another huge inhibitor to the prosperity of advertising on the web, the possibility of internet security.

It’s believed 25 percent of users of websites leave themselves available to crime by revealing personal information. Nearly one out of three also used sites for example Facebook to locate info on their old flames as well as their boss.

Furthermore technology can take a look at what you’re saying and abuse the privacy of the conversations. Using the ultimate plan of promoting that information to advertisers!