Eligibility in Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Two wheeler insurance is mandatory for anyone who uses a two-wheeler in India. Hence, the process of buying or renewing your two-wheeler insurance may be tedious due to the number of applications insurance providers are required to process. Therefore, in a bid to make the purchase of two wheeler insurance less tedious, most two-wheeler insurance providers are now accepting online purchases. But, how do you know whether you are eligible for two wheeler insurance online?

Basically, anyone who owns a two-wheeler and uses it on Indian roads is eligible for online two wheeler insurance. The service is offered to first-time insurance buyers as well as clients seeking to renew their two-wheeler insurance coverage.

How to Check Eligibility for Two Wheeler Insurance Online

1. Research

To determine whether you are eligible for two wheeler insurance online, you must equip yourself with basic two wheeler insurance knowledge. Understand the insurance requirements and the two-wheeler insurance types available; comprehensive and third party insurance. Third party two wheeler insurance is legally mandatory while the comprehensive cover is optional. However, comprehensive insurance covers own losses as well as third-party losses. Each of the two-wheeler insurance types has unique requirements and is priced differently with the comprehensive cover being more costly.

2. Online insurance comparison sites

Online two wheeler insurance comparison sites like Coverfox.com are ideal for determining your eligibility for different two wheeler insurance plans. The websites not only offer detailed information about insurance purchase and renewal requirements but also assist you by suggesting the two wheeler insurance online plans you qualify for.

To do this, you are prompted to enter your two-wheeler information, your personal information, and a few aspects of your ideal two wheeler insurance like expected premium amount and cover duration. The site then processes and displays the two-wheeler plans you qualify for as per the provided information.

3. Two wheeler insurance providers

As aforementioned, most two-wheeler insurance providers offer purchase and renewal online services. Meaning that you can find beneficial information about their two-wheeler insurance plans on their official websites. The information may include; the type of two-wheeler models covered, the minimum and maximum premium amounts, age requirements, and riding experience among others. Additionally, insurance company websites have online chat agents who are mainly available during working hours. Their duty is to answer client questions, demystify insurance myths, and offer guidance on how to purchase insurance covers online.

Documents Needed to Apply for Two Wheeler Insurance Online

The process of applying for two wheeler insurance online is easy and fast. Therefore, you do not require the many documents that are mandatory while filling a manual insurance application. You only need to enter a few personal and two-wheeler details that include:

  • Your name, gender, and date of birth.
  • Personal contact details; email address, phone number, and physical address.
  • Two-wheeler details; registration date, year of acquisition, model, registration number, and its current market value.
  • Proof of identity; your Aadhar Card, passport, or license number.
  • If you are renewing your two wheeler insurance, you must provide your previous policy number.
  • Payment mode
  • Cubic capacity of your two-wheeler.
  • You may also be required to provide proof that you have made the initial premium payment.

Note that the required documents when applying for two wheeler insurance online vary from one insurance provider to another. The documents mentioned above are core and must be provided. Some insurance providers may ask for your riding history in order to assess your possibility of causing accidents. When renewing, insurance providers may go through your previous policy to determine whether you made claims, the number of claims you made and their nature. All these are important factors that determine your premium amount.

Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online Now!

Two wheeler insurance online is readily available, hassle free, and easy to process; you simply visit your preferred insurance provider’s website and follow the outlined steps to purchase or renew your two wheeler insurance. As such, you can purchase or renew your policy at any time and from any location. Moreover, you can scrutinize different two wheeler insurance policies, compare the premium charges, covered features, and add-ons before determining the ideal two-wheeler cover. Online portals like Coverfox.com offer two wheeler insurance information and suggestions about the best covers. Additionally, most two-wheeler insurance providers offer premium discounts for every online purchase or renewal.