The use of Wi-Fi Technology

The wireless network is welcomed by individuals currently, that can bring them a lot convenience. Meanwhile, the productions of factories are improved with this technology. Now, the Wi-Fi technologies have risen to a different level, which may be broadly requested pc, electronic devices and movable communication field. Some data shows there are a hundred million teams of mobile phones possess the purpose of Wi-Fi, therefore the permeability is 20 %. This data is going to be bending later on years. Mobile phone may be the largest market of Wi-Fi technology, which could supply the customers with various encounters. The telephone mainly supports three types of different Wi-Fi applications, namely, media discussing, positioning and movable hot news.

The Wi-Fi function turns into a new inclination with the introduction of communication technology, that will drive the introduction of Wi-Fi technology on the global scale. The most crucial element they are driving the introduction of embedded Wi-Fi function may be the multi-media applications, such as the exquisite game and flow video. The intelligent may have a lot of functions using the Wi-Fi technology, like the wireless docking, document transmission and chatting on the web.

Presently, the Wi-Fi technologies are facing a lot of challenges, like the power consumption, service existence, volume and the price of software. Furthermore, the embedded Wi-Fi application can also be such as the medical monitoring, security field, appliance industry and so forth. Facing using the challenges, some companies has had the effective solutions, like the circuit design, technology improvement and embedded processor.

Overall, you will find three different periods from the Wi-Fi development, first , switch the wired LAN at work the 2nd period is incorporated in the outdoors. It’s utilized on the mobile phone, camera and E-book like a movable networking technology the 3rd period comes medially. The developers cooperate using the multimedia supplier, and fasten the Wi-Fi technology with various type of the electrical products, such as the digital television, STB and gaming. The attached integrated circuit is UT52L1664.